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Welcome to Sweet Petatoes by Gail Green

The official Sweet PETatoes® website

Discover the magic of the human-animal bond with Sweet PETatoes® !

In the Sweet PETatoes® world, LIFE is uncomplicated and LOVE is unconditional. It is a joyous world where we can learn to be happy with who we are and what we have and to take pleasure in just BEING.

What is it that draws us to animals and to the magic of the human-animal bond? I believe it is because dogs, cats and other animals live in the moment, and when we allow them to draw us into their moment, we also learn to live life to its fullest. Their innocence helps us rediscover our own and evaluate what is truly important.

Today’s world may be filled with stress but we can transcend our own limitations by just sharing our lives with another living being. In fact, this remarkable ability to love a creature other than our own species makes us better people. It makes us more human and more humane. In their reflection, we see the best in ourselves. Not only can we learn respect for differences and uniqueness by developing compassion for all living creatures, developing a bond with animals can give our lives meaning as well as providing the means to fully realize our own individual potential. 

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